The Burren Interpretive Centre, Blacklion

Commander Theroux, Carrickfergus C18th

Gafa Sa Túr (TG4)e.

Living History event for Irish Arms 

​Photo Credits: Irish Arms

Documentary Production for Tile Films

Photo credits in this album: Irish Arms

Modelling project for Elephant Shoe Photography

​Credits in this album: Johnny Cochran

Month long semi-improv performances in support of a human resources competition project for a major Irish Insurance company

Tile Films documentary

​Photo Credits this album: Irish Arms 

Photo Modelling

​As Vlad's General

​Photo Credits this album:

Jason Figgis, October 11 Pictures

Secrets of Great British Castles (channel 5, UK)

Clean Slate Television ​documentary  for RTE & BBC NI 

​Photo credits in this album: Clean Slate Television

Game App for Navan Fort

​Photo credits in this album: Irish Arms

Playing King Edward I of England

in series 1.

credits in this album:

​Sideline Productions & Irish Arms

Taste of Cavan

Vlad the Impaler (Promotional Trailer)

'Castaway' themed Live semi-improv

After Bannockburn (BBC)

Bronze Age shoot amid the archaeology for the new AV display.

Sideline Productions

Photo credits this album: Irish Arms


1st person living history display as a Scriptor Monk

Credit in this album: Irish Arms

Wolfland (RTE/BBC NI)

Medieval Mdina, Malta

Photo credits: Various (as per watermarks)

Setanta's Challenge