Macbeth - Directors' Comments

"​Here are the thoughts of your director. I have seen the video of your speech - it’s awesome. I have NEVER had an actor who messages me discussing and asking about so many nuances - and you have no idea how wonderful it is to have such open frank discussion. You have done the most incredible job on the lines. You are incredibly conscientious. You will do an awesome job."

"​You’re awesome to work with and you pulled off a feat that would make most people quail."

Bob Jope - Torbay Times & Herald Express - Feb '19

"...Macbeth himself was, I thought, superb, played with confidence and conviction by Christophe Lombardi, who stood in at the last minute, the Players’ original performer unwell. (It’s famously a doomed play, guaranteeing things will go wrong!) One thing that stood out for me was Christophe’s intelligently introspective and carefully paced handling of Macbeth’s huge soliloquies: rightly, he took his time, reminding us that what Shakespeare was doing – and it was radical at the time, an amazing innovation – was dramatising thought.

Macbeth was ably supported by a committed cast – a tremendous performance from Mark Cassidy as the fated Duncan, for example (a shame he had to be killed off so soon!), and a solid, upright Macduff from Owen Marshall, a good man in troubled times, plus a comically drunken porter, Kestutis Straukas, and an increasingly exasperated – and eventually broken – Lady Macbeth, Ryanna-Mae Lloyd.


​Altogether, a strong, colourful production from a real ensemble, some actors doubling up effortlessly – like Mollie Pass, a sinister witch one moment, an engagingly innocent Fleance the next ... It was good to hear the verse spoken naturalistically, too. As Kenneth Branagh was saying on TV just the other night, it’s so off-putting when actors (or directors) still insist on Shakespeare being spoken in an affected, over-enunciated and fake ‘Shakespearean’ way, rather than – as happens at The Globe, for example – naturally, something Christophe was perfect at."